Friday, September 10, 2010

Thanks sincerely to all the New Yorker`s who came to see our production of "The Scavenger's Daughter" at FringeNYC in New York City.

We were thrilled with the attendance, as we were with all the fine theatre practitioners from New York City who helped us mount the production- Jim Gaylord, who was a fabulous director to work with, and who pulled the whole production together, and our stage manager Heather Olmstead, who will be a great asset to anyone who hires her.

We were also thrilled to have worked with Don Creedon and Colin Broderick in bringing an encore presentation of Scavenger to the fabulous Poor Mouth Theatre in the Bronx. Poor Mouth is a company started by the talented and critically acclaimed writers Colin Broderick, Don Creedon and Stephen Smallhorne. Don's play "Guy Walks into a Bar" won the Audience Favorite Award at the First Irish Theatre Festival in New York in 2010, and Colin's book "Orangutan" is a moving, beautifully written, and wrenching testament to the resilience of the Irish spirit. All three of these cats, and others, perform new and vital works in the Chris O'Neill Room, the true home of the Irish in the Bronx at An Beal Bocht, owned by Tony Caffrey

Finally, and more importantly, I am deeply grateful to the many people who wrote to me personally and talked of how moved they were by the play. I was moved by you, and what wonderful symbiosis that is!

Please keep your eyes open for "Moonshine Serenade", my new play.

Coming to New York audiences soon!!

All the best,

Colm Magner