Sunday, December 12, 2010

New York Reviews for The Scavenger's Daughter

"This Irish-Canadian play is truly a remarkable piece of writing, and like many Irish plays it is infused with the tough soul of a 'never say die' attitude. It manages to convey both grit and sentimentality in the same breath, and Magner's delivery is strong and charismatic". (Markus Paminger. New York. 8.25.10.

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The New York Times
Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Memory Scavenger

Once in a while a play catches you off guard, throws you into a sort of semi consciousness where you find your own past rolling in to haunt you as you watch the performance unfold before you on the stage. Scavenger's Daughter is that play. Writer/performer Colm Magner has written a semi autobiographical one man show surrounding the details of his brother's death. It's a performance that takes us on a journey down through the years to the very womb mining the brother’s relationship through a series of stories and anecdotes, as he pores over clues that might somehow make sense of his brother’s gradual detachment from reality and slow slide into despair. Magner, a Canadian of Irish descent, slips easily into the authentic brogue of his mother and father, and the Germanic cadence of the local priest painting for us indelible portraits of the forces that shaped the boys' childhood. Magner is a terrific story teller weaving the intricate strands of a life into a cohesive and entertaining tapestry with all the vibrancy insight, humour and vulnerability of the late Spalding Gray. If you need entertainment, if you need a performance that you won't feel like you've wasted your hard eared money, well then this is the play to see. Colm Magner has given voice to his past in a way that leaves me extremely optimistic about his future."

Colin Broderick, Author- "Orangutan: A Memoir", published by Harper Collins, New York

"The play is dark and irreverent, but never sorrowful or melancholic...Magner is a sharp, vivid storyteller, creating personas for his own character at many different ages. Strong stage presence" (Martin Denton. 8.25.10. New York.

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